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Thermal Zero EFR IWG Turbo Blanket

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The Lava line turbo blankets are the highest quality turbo blanketing available.  Utilizing the outer lava jacketing makes a very durable turbo blanket.  The outer lava layer (made of actual pulverized lava rock) can handle 3000°F direct heat adding an additional layer of protection and resistance to heat from the turbocharger.

Thermal Zero Premium Fitted Turbocharger Heat shields go above and beyond when it comes to heat tolerance and durability.  The shields are made of 1 inch of ceramic insulation material and covered with a silicone based outer shell. Since vibration on a motor is inevitable we have created a more durable design.  Our turbo shields feature a wire mesh inner layer that separates the insulation material from the turbocharger housing, greatly increasing durability and reducing breakdown.

Other companies have tried and failed at copying out turbo blankets. Similar Chinese made turbo blankets will fall apart over time due to cheap materials and quality. All Thermal Zero turbo blankets are hand made in the USA.

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