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Evo X Billet MIVEC Housing

  • 17999

What is it?

This is a 6061 T6 CNC billet MIVEC exhaust cam gear housing for the Evolution X. The stock cast aluminum unit has been known to crack and fail causing complete loss of MIVEC on the exhaust cam. By making the unit out of billet aluminum, and increasing the OD on the entire unit, we've been able to increase the strength drastically over the stock casting.

*You will need a 5 point TP30 bit to remove the factory cam gear housing*

What causes a failure?

There are a few different reasons the housings can fail:
- Most housings have seen failure when the stock valve springs are upgraded and valve spring seat pressure is increased
- A loss in oil pressure causing the internals of the cam gear to "slam" on the castin

By making the cam gear housing stronger and out of billet aluminum, this eliminates the chance of failure due to a porous aluminum casting.

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