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Evo X Engine Oil Cooler

  • 42999
  • Save $70

This engine cooler was designed to be an OEM replacement. When a motor failure occurs, it is critical that the engine oil cooler is REPLACED. You CAN NOT clean out an oil cooler core efficiently enough to re use them once a motor has failed. They act as an additional oil filter, trapping debris inside the passageways that can break free and destroy a newly rebuilt engine. We've used this oil cooler kit on every single motor rebuild that we've done in house, with great results. To replace the engine oil cooler with an OEM core costs over 500$, and does not include new lines!

  • Heavy Duty stainless steel braided lines
  • 5052 Aluminum brackets with stainless nut inserts
  • Reuses OEM oil cooler mounting brackets for a seamless, OEM install
  • DOES NOT retain the OEM oil cooler guide 

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